#FaeFriday | 3/13/2020

#FaeFriday is a Friday book tag created by CaffeinatedFae, who is also the creator of the tag image. 

This week on #FaeFriday, is all about Leprechauns!  So this week’s prompt is:

What is your hidden treasure of a book?

My hidden treasure of a book is all my signed books. I started collecting signed books a few years ago and now I am addicted. I actually only buy physical books anymore if they are signed. I stick almost exclusively to eBooks anymore. I still love physical books though.  I currently have 56 signed books according to my Goodreads folder

Signed copy of Moon Called by Patricia Briggs

The one signed book I consider my treasure, is a signed copy of Moon Called by Patricia Briggs. I got this book signed in person at DragonCon in 2016 when Patricia was there. It was amazing to actually meet her and talk to her. I was so nervous to talk to her but she was so sweet and nice. I was even able to get a picture with her. 

Patricia Briggs signing my copy of Moon Called. She was so sweet.
Patricia Briggs (Left) and Me on the right.

I also got to meet Christopher Paolini at DragonCon that year as well!

Christopher Paolini signing a copy of Eragon.

So tell me what is your hidden treasure of a book?

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